Our Team

The studio where The Edge is produced has been in operation for more than 15 years. It has won 20 Telly awards – the industry’s most prestigious award – in many major categories. From its production staff of experienced filmographers, editors, graphic artists and writers to the dedicated business administration and executive teams, every segment produced is a top priority and must meet the studio’s high standards.

The CEO and Founder

The leader behind The Edge is a trailblazer in the field of informative and educational television programming. His vision is one where national and regional guests have the chance to work with the best in the field and see their stories come to life on many well-known cable television networks. As a strong community leader, he is on the Board of local and national charities and youth sports leagues and is a firm believer in giving back to the community.

The Production Team

The senior management in our production office has a collective 23 years of television and media work to their credit. Their backgrounds in the industry are diverse and each one brings their own knowledge and expertise to the job. Each Vice President shares their experience and knowledge with the staff to ensure the very best product is presented to the guest.

The producers are a creative, loyal and hard working group of industry professionals. Their goal is to drive creativity and produce the best medical information stories in the media. Each one has at least 10 years of experience any many of them up to 15 years working in television, programming, media or the Internet.

Production managers, coordinators, graphic artists, film editors and the scriptwriters are the backbone of the The Edge program. They work hand in hand to schedule guests and filmographers, create riveting dialogue, add cool images and graphics to the piece, and pull the entire piece together into an outstanding product. The entire production crew is a tight knit group of creative people totally committed to each and every product they work on. This kind of devotion for just one featured guest takes place every day. Did we mention most of them have worked on award-winning pieces before? They have.

Business Administration and Marketing

The other half of The Edge is the business administration end. We take great care of all our guests and include them on digital marketing plans and social media campaigns to make the most of every promotional opportunity there is. When the guest and team work together, expect only excellent results. There is no better testament to an investment than to see it distributed and promoted throughout the different forms of media –both televised and digital.