Meet Terry

Terry Bradshaw

Considering all that he did for the NFL, it’s not surprising that Terry Bradshaw continues to rise to the top in his entertainment career, ultimately as host of The Edge. Known as one of today’s most recognizable studio personalities, Terry has always possessed an uncanny sense of humor and a special connection to his audience. Terry Bradshaw is widely identified as one of the most revered quarterbacks in NFL history. And, as many fans already know, in addition to being a Host on Fox Sports, Terry is also an accomplished author, actor, and motivational speaker.

“When it comes to producing a cutting-edge sports series, preparation is key. Very few would be better prepared than Terry Bradshaw.”, said Paul Scott, President of USMT. Jim Nicholas, Vice President of Production agreed by saying, “Terry brings energy and enthusiasm that few hosts could offer. He’s the dominant personality that the show needs”. As the show progresses, Terry continues to shine as an all-time favorite to The Edge viewers around the world, proving his talent both on-camera and in exciting and memorable personal appearances.