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Terry-High-copy-249x300With all of the fanfare garnered by our Host, Terry Bradshaw, audiences are thrilled to learn that they are invited to submit questions to Terry himself. This process allows our viewers and all of Terry’s fans a rare opportunity to hear from Terry in his own words on a variety of subjects. Questions and answers will be updated regularly so don’t miss Terry’s thoughtful responses to a variety of questions. If your question is selected, you will be allowed to submit a photo of yourself for placement on this website. Each season, one viewer will win a football autographed by Terry. Questions can be submitted to Program Director, Kyra Burton, via email at

This month’s question is submitted by Sandy Smith. Sandy is turning 60 this year and her background is in nursing for over 33 years. She is a cancer survivor and has been a football fan since high school when she watched with her father and brother when the Green Bay Packers won their first 2 Super Bowls.

sandy-213x300SANDY’S QUESTION:
(I have been an NFL fan since I was a young girl, and I am almost Terry’s age.) Being raised in Wisconsin, I have always been a Green Bay Packers backer but I remember those 4 super bowls you played and won, and I also thoroughly enjoy your appearances on the Tonight Show. My question is: I understand zone and man to man defense but I was wondering if you could explain what a nickel and a dime defense is. Also, what is the actual definition of “play action?”

Thanks and please do not retire anytime soon. I would miss you!

Thanks Sandy. A nickel defense is 5 defensive backs. They take out a linebacker if it is a 4-3 defense. That’s 4 down linemen and 3 linebackers. A dime defense is 6 defensive backs. Get the picture? Play action is to make a play look like a hand off to a back then pull the ball back and throw a pass. ~Terry

Last month’s question is submitted by Jon Antoine. Jon is 27 years old and is from Brooklyn, NY. He is currently a student residing in Oakland Park, FL.

Terry, what are your thoughts on the National Football League (NFL) today compared to back in the 1970′s when you were playing?

I think the biggest change is the money that the NFL is making from television contracts and merchandising. The NFL is now a 24/7 multi-billion dollar business. Add to all this the huge salaries players are now getting and the scale of money is totally different than when I was playing. Today’s top draft choices receive guaranteed multi-million dollar contracts and bonuses. When I was the #1 draft pick in 1970, my 5-year contract paid me $25,000 the first year and raises of $5,000 each year after that! Back then there was no part of a player’s salary that was guaranteed. In contrast, today’s contracts have many guaranteed clauses. In my day, if a player got cut, hurt, or quit, that was the end of his income. Another huge difference is that there was no free-agency when I played. Players now can move from team to team and are free to maximize their opportunities for increased income and better playing conditions. When you signed with a team in the 1970′s, you were on that team till they fired you. Rule changes in almost every aspect of the game are another major difference between the NFL today and when I played. Quarterbacks in my day did not have communication systems in their helmets where offensive coordinators can send in plays before every snap. I called my own plays without benefit of direction from coaches in the booth.