The “Edge”, what is it? It’s where everything that’s important ends … or begins, depending on your perspective. Athletes, professional and amateur, dream of having the “Competitive Edge”. That’s where they feel themselves uniquely positioned to win because they possess something they know their rivals do not. Sometimes that’s a practical thing like better scores or even better equipment. Often, it’s a mental state, where they experience a heightened sense of clarity along with the feeling that their bodies know exactly what to do with just a bit of guidance from the mind. Since many aspects of daily life are competitive in nature, people are always seeking The Edge in order to function at their peak capability.

NFL great, Terry Bradshaw, has frequently had The Edge. It has carried him through a stellar career on the gridiron including four Super Bowls in which he was the winning quarterback and two time Super Bowl MVP. Terry comes to the game every day with his own special Edge: excelling in his roles as commentator, author, public speaker and show host.

This iconic athlete has teamed with United States Media Television to help fans and viewers find The Edge for themselves. The program comes into approximately 90 million households nationwide between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. EST each day, nationally on networks like Versus, ESPN2 and Fox Sports Net. Segments are shot on location around the world and produced at USMT’s 22,500 square foot studios and corporate headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida.

“We are privileged to work with a consummate professional and an uplifting spirit like Terry Bradshaw,” says USMT President Paul Scott. “The energy and enthusiasm he brings to the game helps every one of us on the team to find and bring our ‘A’ game to each project we embark upon.”

The Edge uncovers, researches and presents interesting stories of people at the cutting edge of the competition to survive, thrive and excel. Whether its “David versus Goliath” stories of the “little enterprise that could” … or news of individuals who have beaten insurmountable odds and rallied to achieve their own personal best … The Edge focuses on the pinnacle of human endeavors — what drives us to surpass expectations and find new heights to conquer.

“The Edge can be as simple as a state of mind in which, for a brief time, nothing else matters but the challenge that lies immediately in front of you,” says USMT Vice President of Production Jim Nicholas Veser. “It’s the feeling of innate satisfaction that allows you to sleep at night after a game well played, a battle well fought, and then wake up the next morning eager to see what new challenges the day will bring.”

The subject matter covered by the show includes:

  • Stories of those who have ignored the odds and pushed themselves to undreamt-of heights.
  • New technology devised to give players and everyday athletes the competitive edge on and off the field.
  • Situations where apparent competitors found they were better off combining their efforts in order to address a larger issue.
  • Success stories where failure had seemed all but certain.
  • Examples of the “little guy” succeeding at what the big firms have been working on for years to no avail.